Who we are

We are SVOP Ltd. and we focus since 1996 on information technologies. With many experiences with development and implementation of our solutions, we offer library information system DAWINCI and products from field of metadata acquiring, processing and evaluating such as:

  • Online register of publication activities and
  • Register of thesis.

Since 2008 we offer our own system for plagiarism detection which won 1st prize at PAN 2011 workshop in Amsterdam.

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At a time when the Slovak academic society is interested in the question of sources of information - their timeliness, credibility and accessibility, the company SVOP Ltd. is involved via LIS Dawinci in several projects dealing with education, science and research in collaboration with the

  • Ministry of Education,
  • CVTI SR,
  • universities and colleges.

We resolved and ensured the credibility of sources, identifying the originators of information  with metadata unification.

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