Who we are

Our company was established in 1991. In 1996 we decided to head towards information technologies and since then we have been dealing with software development. After two years of analysing, programming and testing, we brought our first library information system to the market called DAWINCI.

We offer complete support to deploy and use our library system and peripheries conveniently. This involves a continuous development of new versions as well as high-quality and reliable customer support. Our team therefore consists not only from IT specialists but also from library science and project management.

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Long-year cooperation with our clients has resulted in some projects under auspices of the Slovak Ministry of Education. Our company contributed to the development of the project named The Central Register of Academic Publication Activities (CRAPA) and also provided its technological deployment.

After successful implementation of the first common project we were given the task to implement another projects such as: The Evidence of Art Works and Performance (EAWP), The Central Register of Theses and Dissertations and Antiplag - the algorithm for plagiarism revealing.

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